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Summer holiday activities

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Ticktockshock Wed 19-Jul-17 18:20:53

Just wondered what local, or not too far, activities do you have planned for you and DC for the summer holidays.
We are on a bit of a budget this year so want to do a mixture of free stuff and paid for attractions

welshmam111 Fri 04-Aug-17 20:49:20

Where are you based? There are some very good events at local libraries in most areas-they normally dp a summer reading scheme and assorted events. The National museum in Cardiff does some excellent events over the summer-see their website. All this is free.

If you can stretch to a Cadw Family Card-they do all kinds of events which are great fun, I found after using the card three times for a family of four, any visits after that could be seen as 'free'. Look out for wowcher or groupon deals.

Also check if the Trawscumbria service near you is one of the free services that the Assembly are providing at weekends.

Hope this helps

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