help with selecting areas to live in Cheltenham

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willowlucaratrilla1 Wed 19-Jul-17 14:55:07

hi, my family & I are looking to return to the UK after several years abroad and are considering Cheltenham. Our twins are soon to be two and I understand from reading various posts that Cheltenham is a great place for families.
I have seen a few properties on & near The Park, and whilst the houses look lovely I do not know anything about the area - is this a nice place for families... is living next to the University campus a problem...etc.
Any comments would be most appreciated.

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DobbyisFREE Thu 22-Mar-18 13:47:40

It really depends on the specific location as some areas are nice and some aren't around there. I'd avoid Whaddon generally but there are cul de sacs that are perfectly safe so would still be worth looking at.

My personal preference for a family home would be Up Hatherly, something like this:

It really depends on what sort of size you need and your budget though really

DobbyisFREE Thu 22-Mar-18 13:49:13

Also this one I immediately fell in love with but is waaay out of my budget:

Sammysees Fri 01-Jun-18 11:20:07

The Park is a lovely area and not many problems with the Uni. However I would be mindful of schools for when your little ones start. Leckhampton very sought after and difficult to get in to. Think you would be out of catchment at the park.

Thebluedog Fri 01-Jun-18 11:25:45

My folks lived in Pitville Park which is lovely, as is Montpellier. Bishops cleeve is nice but a few miles out town but more housing estate than the older Victorian buildings on the centre

ifonly4 Thu 11-Jul-19 07:35:26

Bishops Cleeve is nice. Yes, housing estates but there's still the village centre with three good primary schools, plenty of shops, takeaways, pubs within walking distance, as well as lots of clubs for children, teenagers and adults to take part in. Best bus service in Cheltenham. Certainly worth a drive out, you're able to leave car free in Tesco carpark while you have a potter around. Woodmancote also worth considering, although facilities are a little more spread - a lot would be in walking distance though. Leckhampton and BC schools will be popular, so worth checking availability at an early stage.

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