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Anyone know any good areas for charity shops?

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Ifonlyoneday Wed 19-Jul-17 19:21:18

Whitchurch has 4. Market Drayton has a few too.
There is a furniture charity shop near Iceland on the Charlie's retail park

Beelzebop Tue 18-Jul-17 23:22:39

Any wealthy areas!

SouthShropshireLass Tue 18-Jul-17 23:14:46

Really? That sounds just what I want! I've not heard of it, but I've just found it on a map and I'm definitely going to take a look soon. Thanks!

Ruralbliss Tue 18-Jul-17 22:14:12

Mardol in heart of Shrewsbury town centre is mainly charity shops (about 10 in total) so convenient having them all in one street with the added bonus that Pizza Express is there too. Enjoy!

SouthShropshireLass Tue 18-Jul-17 22:05:55

Ludlow has loads of charity shops and you can even pick up a map in each shop telling you where they all are so you can plan a trail round all of them!

However, I've not found clothes I want to wear there recently. I think I have awkward taste because I can't find much in any shop at the moment!

Anyway, to get to the point, I went to Shrewsbury today and found one charity shop near Wyle Cop (and another that was temporarily closed) and came away with three tops! Hooray!

Are those the only charity shops in the town centre? Any other towns good for charity shops if I'm making the long intrepid journey to the north of the county?

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