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Wild Science Animal Parties

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Amiable Mon 17-Jul-17 20:54:14

We just had DS's 7th birthday party yesterday, jointly with his 2 best friends. We used a company called Wild Science who brought along a selection of animals, and ran the party for us! They were excellent, and I just wanted to recommend them. They are not cheap, but not as expensive as some, and they were not stingy with their time. As well as showing a bunch of animals ( including African Pygmy Hedgehog, Berber Skink, Giant African Land Snail, King Snake, Forest Scorpion, lion maned Rabbit, and a Hissing Cockroach) they also had games so the kids could let off some steam. Also at the end of the official party they gave all the adults a go with the king snake, which went down well! If you are looking for a similar animal party I would strongly recommend them, you won't be disappointed.

Amiable Mon 17-Jul-17 20:55:12

Meant to add, their website is

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