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Teenage girls and sport

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emochild Mon 17-Jul-17 20:16:48

Dd (14) is keen to take part in sport out of school but has found team sports quite difficult to join in as there well established friendships and a pecking order

Trying to think outside the box to possibly find a less mainstream sport

Is there anything locally people could recommend?

Rosieposy4 Tue 18-Jul-17 00:07:30

I have friends whose kids do that ( one in Garforth, one in Selby)
Or riding, wherabouts are you and i can suggest a riding school

blueskiesrule Wed 27-Sep-17 20:00:16

Sorry I know your message is quite old but just in case you were still about I thought I'd give a vote for the athletics or running groups. My dd tried one and found it too competitive and full on, but then tried another and that's suited her perfectly. The adult coaches are really encouraging and put her running with other people at a similar level and she's really gone from strength to strength both in running and confidence. It's three years now (she's 16 now), might be worth a thought.

WhatHaveIFound Tue 10-Oct-17 14:44:34

blueskiesrule can i ask which running group your DD goes to? Mine is keen to improve but doesn't want to compete.

Pigflewpast Wed 11-Oct-17 09:39:39

Ilkley Harriers is good for non competitive training ( as well as competitive) if you're near enough. Or the one at Rawdon but I can't remember the name

cowgirlsareforever Wed 11-Oct-17 10:27:20


SmokyRobinson Wed 11-Oct-17 12:49:14

What about climbing - leeds climbing wall has taster sessions and beginners courses

MeatAndPotato Wed 11-Oct-17 14:23:35

Totally off the wall here but what about snooker? I loved it when I was you ger. also loved tennis and swimming. Maybe also (not so common) fencing?

MeatAndPotato Wed 11-Oct-17 14:24:13

Younger* oops.

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