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So here we are

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BWatchWatcher Mon 17-Jul-17 19:51:09

The Greater Belfast local board.
I can see the tumbleweeds smile
So! How many of us have little ones in summer schemes? Anyone found brilliant ones?

My children's favourite it the W5 bright sparks scheme. It runs a full day 9-5 and is basically a week at the W5 doing stem activities.
They also see films and go bowling.

Has anyone used 'Smile Club' at Inst?

MadeinBelfast Thu 20-Jul-17 23:03:21

The W5 one looks great but I think my kids are a little young for it this year. I've heard good things about Miniversity from others.

Frecklemcspeckles Wed 09-Aug-17 00:35:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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