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St Joseph's W9 or St. Eugene's NW6 any experiences?

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mummakesfilms Mon 17-Jul-17 08:41:53

I've been offered a place at both theses schools for yr 4 entry in September. I see that St. Jospeh's has been down graded from an "Outstanding" Oftsted school to a Good school. I am very keen to get advice or hear peoples experiances as it's a big decision. She's currently at KSA, happy, but the school has had a lot of upheaval (strikes) and feel quite unstable.

roses2 Tue 02-Jan-18 14:44:47

I'm posting this way too late to help however my son is him reception at St Eugenes and he and I are both extremely happy.

He's quite boisterous and the teacher is very good at handling him. He's also really smart and his teacher will send him off to do different / more challenging classwork that is a bit more testing whilst the teacher is focusing on other children who aren't yet at the same level.

Their SATs results are excellent.

We were on the waiting list after the application process and eventually got offered a place end of July 2017. We live 0.5 miles away and were admitted based on the faith criteria.

Other schools I considered was Kingsgate however they've split their campus into two locations and the reception location doesn't work for me. They were undersubscribed last year and the year before and are consistently in the top 1000 schools league table.

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