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Help needed for Infant Observation

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danieligra Sun 16-Jul-17 21:33:03


I am about to start a psychoanalysis training at the British Psychoanalytic Association in north London. A key part of the first year of the training is an 'infant observation', the purpose of which is to learn about the development of a child from birth to eight months old.

I am looking for a family living in London that would like to take part. It would involve weekly visits for an hour at the same time each week to be held in the family home. I would be there only to observe, not to provide therapy.

As mentioned, the purpose of this is for me to learn about a growing baby from birth to up to eight months old. All details of the observation would be kept strictly confidential. Written material and discussion with colleagues would be anonymous and not contain any identifiable details concerning the family. I have an up to date criminal records bureau check.

If you are interested, please contact me for further information or to arrange a brief meeting.

Thanks very much.


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