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not sure where this thread belongs!

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mumof2blue1pink Sat 15-Jul-17 14:41:14

Hi everyone, the past 5 years of my life have been nothing short of a roller coaster through good, bad, evil, heavenly and all else in between!
I have three amazing children! My two blue ones are almost 18 & 16 and my pink mini me will be 12 in Sept.
Long story short... I escaped domestic abuse, a life my kids weren't really aware of, but subsequent events meant they were subjected to finding out most of it! I didn't just hit rock bottom i positively bounced....again and again, meaning that despite me always feeding, clothing and being there for my kids, they suddenly discovered that their Mum was an actual real person who F***ed up, more than once! I had no income and was victim of an awful crime that left me a quivering wreck, I drank too much....not for breakfast but i drank too much!
Materially I had NOTHING! but i did have great support.... TODAY?
We finally got a council house!!! some may turn their nose up at that but for us it means stability, affordability and HOME. I have just returned to work, there is flexibility within my role which means I can still be around for my children, one of whom has cerebral palsy and has all manner of additional needs, but my god, do I feel good!
I am in another relationship, this man is simply a beautiful human being, my children are happy all the while the narcissistic influence from my ex husband-their Dad is kept at bay! I am earning, yes ME, i have a salary! dont get me wrong i have always worked, but right now I really really feel like I have conquered the world! and I am free!

GlitterRollerSkate Sat 15-Jul-17 15:05:29

Congratulations on your new home! You should feel proud you are amazing!

Freshairatlast Sat 15-Jul-17 18:29:01

Wow. I'm with Glitter, you are amazing.
And nothing wrong with council houses - they're like gold dust now.

GlitterRollerSkate Mon 24-Jul-17 10:42:45

Hey @mumof2blue1pink how are you? How are the decorating plans coming along? smile Have you moved in yet?

newmum40 Thu 04-Jan-18 22:42:34

Hope all is still going well

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