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Looking for feedback on Harestock area & primary school

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MZ001 Fri 14-Jul-17 17:37:07

Hello lovely ladies,
I am planning to move to Winchester and have looked at rentals in Harestock & Badger Farm. I liked both the areas but haven't had the chance to thoroughly research either one so far. Your feedback will help me understand the locality and the schools:

If I rent in Harestock, the Harestock primary is the only one is spaces available.. so far the ofsted report and KS2 results have given me mixed feelings about this school. Like to see if anyone's kids are attending the school and can give me some insights.

If I rent in Badger Farm, the Oliver's Battery primary is the only one with spaces available in yr3.. so far the ofsted report and KS2 results appear to be better than Harestock. But I want to know if that really matters and how the parents really find the school?

I have only one kid, 7yr old and I am not from UK so don't really understand much about ofsted and how schools are ranked here. Please help me to understand and making a decision.

Thank you!

HopeClearwater Fri 14-Jul-17 20:02:41

You need to think past primary and decide which catchment you want to be in for secondary.

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