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calypso65 Fri 14-Jul-17 12:18:25

Hi, my son is french but born in UK and only lived here. He speaks English all the time and always went to an English school. So now at nearly 14, his french is pretty bad, he can talk broken french and make himself understand if he wants something!
I speak french and he replies in English (although he understands all i say).
As any of you encountered this? any tips?

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Debsinegypt Sun 17-Jun-18 11:33:26

I think that's normal. Kids develop skills as they need them. You need to get him to France or otherwise hanging out with French kids. When you do work something out, please let me know what you did, as my kids are similar age and in the French system (at school in Cairo) but with English mother tongue. They need to improve their French and I'm wondering how to do that during holidays.

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