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Moving to North Shropshire

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emmaeg Thu 13-Jul-17 23:01:07

We are looking at a move up to North Shropshire from Winchester. Having left the Army 5 years ago we can't afford to buy in the area so need to move north to be nearer to family. We are going to initially live with my parents near Wrexham but are worrying about getting into schools in the area and also the possibility that slot of schools major on Welsh which my guys have not been exposed to. Therefore we have been looking at Oswestry for them all. We have looked around the school and really liked it but not sure it is right for all of the children. The eldest DD 11 is arty loves English music and drama, DS 9 is very academic and sporty. DD 7 has yet to display her real colours and just wants to keep up with the other two. Does anyone have children at Oswestry?
We love Winchester and our life here but think Shropshire will give us more outdoor space and opportunities. Is it too much of a contrast? Help can't make a decision for the best!

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