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La Retraite RC Girls' School Clapham: 'The work of this outstanding school is underpinned by an atmosphere of high expectations and care for the individual.' (Ofsted 2013)

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LocalEditorMerton Thu 13-Jul-17 08:03:39

La Retraite is a vibrant, welcoming Roman Catholic school for girls with a mixed Sixth Form. In 2013, the School was recognized as being 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and has celebrated consistently excellent exam results. In 2016, it celebrated some of the best progress in the country at secondary school level and was National Winner of the Pupil Premium Awards which recognised the support for disadvantaged pupils to make excellent progress.

Founded in 1880, La Retraite’s sense of tradition, our strong faith community, and our approach to education combine to provide an atmosphere where students learn best, and where they grow and develop into thoughtful and responsible Christians determined to play a significant role in the 21st century.

We are really proud of our pupils and their successes and have a flourishing alumni community who serve to inspire our pupils and support them in their future goals. Our Scholarship Programme gives students opportunities to thrive academically, to gain real insights from career mentors in their chosen professions and to make excellent preparation for university applications.

Whether it is debating, sports or film making there are opportunities for all pupils to enjoy a broad and balanced education which recognises their unique talents.

Mr Malins, Headteacher, warmly invites parents to attend our Open Sessions, which will include a tour of our extensive facilities, the opportunity to speak with teachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team, and information on our outstanding Scholarship Programme. Open Sessions take place on the following dates:

Thurs 21st September – Year 7 Open Evening, from 4pm
Mon 25th-Weds 27th September – Year 7 Open Mornings, from 9:30am
Thurs 5th-Fri 6th October – Year 7 Open Mornings, from 9:30am
Thurs 12th October – Sixth Form Open Evening, from 5pm

If you've got any questions please do ask and a member of the
La Retraite SLT will be happy
to answer them.

Twitter @LaRetraiteSW12 / @ScholarshipLR
Instagram @LaRetraiteSW12

teddygirlonce Mon 07-Aug-17 11:05:06

What's your policy with regards to admissions for girls who are not from Catholic backgrounds - do you accept a give percentage, as does Ursuline in Wimbledon?

Interestingly, I know quite a few parents who applied for the few places at Ursuline not earmarked for girls from RC backgrounds, but no-one got one, even when it was their top choice school on CAF.

Also, it would be interesting to know more about your Scholarship Programme - sounds great.

2017RedBlue Fri 01-Sep-17 13:40:50

Teddygirlonce, Ursuline don't have any allocated spaces for non-Catholics from my understanding. I phoned last term to ask this question and was told that all the spaces, if applied for by Catholics, will go to Catholics. If there is a lack of applications from Catholics, then those un-used spaces will go to other Christians first, then non-practising girls.

Teddygirlonce Sat 02-Sep-17 11:49:41

@2017RedBlue thanks for your answer.

So any faith is better than no faith - hmm.

psteward271 Mon 25-Sep-17 07:08:30

At La Retraite, our current total intake is just over 60% catholic, so you stand a very good chance of getting a place if your daughter lives close(ish) to the school.

Details of the Scholarship Programme can be found here or contact the school for further information.

We have a number of Open Mornings coming up - today (25th), 26th 27th Sept and 5th & 6th October from 9.30am to 12.00pm.

gazzalw Fri 29-Sep-17 08:47:59

so you stand a very good chance of getting a place if your daughter lives close(ish) to the school

Does anywhere in Merton count as close-ish? I've seen a couple of La Retraite girls getting off the Northern Line in Morden/South Wimbledon/Colliers Wood but none elsewhere in the borough.

psteward271 Fri 29-Sep-17 10:34:37

Yes, we have pupils who come from as far as Croydon in the south to Greenwich in the east and Hammersmith in the west

stepford1 Mon 09-Oct-17 07:29:47

I need help to pitch La Retraite to my HH (horrid husband at the mo!) who is almost bullying my daughter into going for the ‘safe’ option of Ursuline when she has really clicked with La Retraite. He is focusing on bottom line results & keeps talking La Retraite down - our son is at a grammar school so aiming for A&A* but DD is a good solid B performer with potential at the right school but didn’t go for the grammar (we did a practise one purely so I could stop HH entering her and stressing for something that was a little out of reach & not what she wanted as didn’t love either of the girls grammar schools) - all I am looking is ANY positive feedback about La Retraite - how the girls behave out of school ANY good anecdotes & esp anyone who has girls at the school - not looking for ammo ANTI Ursuline at all but just GOOD info to back up my daughters choice as I feel she will thrive there (& it’s closer to us too!) please help Mumsnet!!!

gazzalw Mon 09-Oct-17 08:00:00

stepford1 I would go with your DD's (and your) gut instinct. If she felt she preferred La Retraite to Ursuline go for it. Why not? Particularly if it's actually more convenient for your DD.

Your DC sound very similar to ours (although we're not Catholic so that rules out faith schools for us it would seem).

Why not go and do a before/after school recce to see how the girls at La Retraite behave? TBQH the Ursuline girls are not all really well behaved anyway. Were you aware of the massive fight in Wimbledon town centre between two pupils (last year?) with about sixty of their fellow school mates standing around watching them!?

Good luck!

psteward271 Mon 09-Oct-17 13:40:33

Thank you for your interest in La Retraite. We are very proud of our students and have a genuine comprehensive intake, yet our students achieve results better than many selective schools. We aim, above all, for our students to be kind, tolerant individuals and if you visit the school at any time, this is what you would witness. Please feel free to pop by to see us 'in action'.

stepford1 Mon 09-Oct-17 18:33:31

Thanks gazzalw - as I was driving back today past a few other schools (DD had afterschool club) I thought about next week dropping by to see the girls as they come out. Also just for YOUR ref at the La Retraite they only have about 60% catholic (I have been & listened to the talk!) so don’t rule it out for your DD...

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