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elephantoverthehill Sun 09-Jul-17 00:32:00

Well MNHQ have suggested that we use the local pages a bit more, so I am trying to do this. TBH IW MN has been a bit crap whilst I have been on MN. We could discuss a lot of topics; such as SBA biased, best and cleanest soft play, where to buy the best free range eggs, roofers and scaffolders to use, best garages for car repairs, childminders etc. Or the alleged stabbing that has taken place tonight according to DS2.

RestingBitchFaceKeepsYouYoung Fri 14-Jul-17 11:15:33

Belated hello elephant
I mostly use the app but have now bookmarked the IW page and will try to check in when I remember. I like your ideas of how we could use it. Just need to drum up some passing trade!

elephantoverthehill Mon 17-Jul-17 22:45:59

Gay Pride and slide in Ryde, picnic at the woodside. Trying to get some passing trade grin. Cowes Week is fast approaching, we really do need some advice on the best street food there!

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