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Missing Dog in Bath Area- Urgent

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ClementineWardrobe Sat 08-Jul-17 12:39:51

Hi Bath Mumsnetters
I've had a message from Many tears Animal rescue in Wales, I am in Surrey so unable to help other than posting this on Bath local pages, here's the email I got, as I'm a forum member of many tears, since we adopted one of theirs dogs six weeks ago;

'Sadly we have been informed of a missing dog in the St Catherine, Bath and North East Somerset area and are writing to you all to appeal for help in looking for her. Whilst we appreciate that most of you will be too far to help there is a chance you may know someone in the area who may be able to help search.
The dog that is missing is May. She is an ex-breeding Beagle who was originally taken in by Many Tears but we were approached by a small independent rescue who we have worked with before and they offered May and some of her friends a rescue space with them to help find them a new forever home.
May then traveled to a foster home in the Bath area where less than 24hrs later she went missing by bolting out the front door - so she does not know the area she is in.
As you can appreciate as dog lovers this is a terribly sad situation and when this happens at MT we all join together and help out. Sadly this is not a recent escape and May has been missing almost SIX WEEKS now.... This has only just come to Sylvia's attention and she is very worried about May and would like to appeal to you all for help.
We are pretty confident that May is still alive and scared as there have been several sightings of her just this week. Her fosterer has been out searching and so has one of our own fosterers Jayne Hobs who has kindly agreed to be the contact point for anyone wanting to help find May.
Please, if you are able to give any time to searching for May get in touch with Jayne via the forum. After six weeks May must be exhausted and we need her to be safe and loved again.
We know she is in the St Catherine area in Bath and North East Somerset
Thank you.'

I will post this in Chat and the dog house too for traffic, as this board doesn't look too busy. I'll ask MTAR for photos of May too if they have any


ClementineWardrobe Sat 08-Jul-17 14:55:38

muchovino Thu 13-Jul-17 20:35:55


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