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Primary school in N3

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Meadows259 Thu 06-Jul-17 07:28:49

I am new to the area in Finchley and would be appreciated if Anybody can provide feedback on the following schools please? Do they all use areas Write Inc for phonics and how their after school activities

I have two boys for Year 1 and Year 3.

My older one got offer inn garden suburb however my younger son haven't got anything for September. Thanks

1. Garden Suburb Junior
2. Manorside
3. Brookland Junior

Meadows259 Thu 06-Jul-17 14:38:40

Anyone would advise me on the above school

I wonder what's their after school activities and assessment measurement to help to track chidlren academic progress every term? Is it easy to park and do school
Pick up and drop off?

traintracks Thu 06-Jul-17 15:16:37

If you live in Finchley you're very unlikely to get a place at brooklands or GS school. Have you looked at their catchment areas? Or do you mean East Finchley?

Meadows259 Thu 06-Jul-17 21:42:59

Hi traintracks. I live in Finchley Central. Do you know anything about the Garden Suburb school and Manorside?

From ofsted Manorside got outstanding in 2012 and GS got good rating in 2016. However their 2016 SATS are so similar, even similar score with Brookland too. I would love to hear some reviews of parents fwhomnhave children from these school

traintracks Fri 07-Jul-17 15:27:43

You need to start with where you might get in. If you look on the Barnet website it'll show you the furthest distance away that a child was offered a place at those schools last year. I doubt it's more than a kilometre and you're unlikely to be that close from Finchley Central. Then look at the schools near you, do the same thing to see which you might have a chance of getting in to. It's only worth looking at ofsted etc if you've got a possibility of a place. Good luck.

Amiable Sat 08-Jul-17 15:45:33

Hi there, my kids are at Manorside and I would HIGHLY recommend it! it's a bit smaller than some other local schools, i.e. moss Hall, but the staff are great. They are very much about motivating the kids to enjoy learning rather than just learning lists of spelling, some of the other parents comment how little homework they get for example, but it is a happy, inclusive school and we love it!

Amiable Sat 08-Jul-17 15:54:14

Sorry, just read your OP again! After school club is good, lots of activities, served food, and they usually wind down with a cartoon, at the end of the session. They also have lots of other things, dance club, football, netball, science, chess, tae kwondo, bike club, and other more ad hoc stuff too, DD did a few sessions free tennis for instance and there is a stage lighting/technical club for year 6. There is a great community feel, active PTA with some great annual events, international food festival, kids discos, parents quiz night. My DD is just finishing year 6, DS is going into year 3, and they love it too.

Quietvoiceplease Fri 14-Jul-17 11:51:50

I have to disagree with the earlier poster. If you are looking for in-year admissions, then the issue of catchment is much less relevant than when you apply through the normal school admissions system for reception/Y7. You will be put on a waiting list and if a place becomes available you will be offered it (there are certain caveats to this relevant to certain schools and certain applicants). However, you generally have very little time to decide whether to accept it.
On the specific schools you mention, I don't have any advice. But if you're in Finchley Central, then have a look at St. Mary's CE Primary: it's lovely, has a great ethos and at its last Ofsted (admittedly in 2011) was graded outstanding.
Hope you find schools you are happy with: trying to find places for two children in one school is difficult when you move.

Meadows259 Sat 15-Jul-17 06:08:16

Thanks a lot quietvoiceolease! Your replies are so helpful as I am completely new to school admissions. I double confirmed with Barnet council today that my older son did got a space in Garden Suburb Junior through In Year Admission. However my younger one hasn't got any offer yet. It's great to hear Manorside is a great school with great after school activities. It's so difficult to make decision without visiting the schools (Manorside, Brookland, Garden Suburb).

I just worry that driving from Finchley Central to two different schools for drop off will be chaotic and time consuming

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