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Kew Prep - Live in Turnham Green or Barnes?

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Lottothink Wed 05-Jul-17 16:42:42

Hi all

Another question from me - for one of those Kew Prep primaries, if we do not want to live in Kew (due to planes and lack of amenities) where can we live to make the commute easy that would work with the child.

We are told that some pupils come from Chiswick and some from Barnes. I love Barnes but the amenities are better in Turnham Green and it is only 5 min tube ride to Kew . what would you advice? drive from Barnes for 10-15 min and back (as you cnanot leave the car to continue your commute) or be on tube from Turnham Green or just be there at Kew to work best for the schooling years.

Or anyone would choose barnes primary (one of best state) over Kew preps and live in a nice area and be by the school? has anyone gone through this thought process?

thank you

Lottothink Wed 05-Jul-17 16:43:32


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