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Vita Et Pax

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cambell1943 Wed 05-Jul-17 01:10:17

I need some help guys, I have heard that Vita Et Pax, Southgate, Enfield is not doing well. Is it true many parents are abandoning ship and moving their kids? Do they really have poor communication and poor performance with regards to education achievement? Some feedback I have received is that the school is becoming more state orientated what does this mean? I have been currently considering Vita Et Pax but am now left confused. Any advice will be appreciated. What shall I do?

Trustedpeanut Tue 25-Jul-17 23:58:03

I would suggest that you read the RE inspection report, available on the school website and for RE, then substitute any subject and how the school has been run.
The report is entirely accurate of the extremely poorly way that the school has been run and managed over the last 2/3 years.
Numerous teaching staff have left, including a headteacher who lasted around 8 weeks.
The head of governors also left, when the ship began to sink-read into that what you will.
The information that you have is accurate.
Remember that the only reason that some of the kids from vita et pax, get into decent schools, is that they are heavily tutored.
Make your own mind up.

Curlywurly77 Tue 29-Aug-17 14:09:29

Everything said by Trusedpeanut is true. It was a great school not now.
A private prep should be offering preping for grammars and private selective schools, which states schools don't its now becoming a glorified state school. Also maths teaching is appalling. Pupils pulling through are tutored day and night. I did not want to pulll my child out but maths and other teaching was terrible.

Trustedpeanut Wed 06-Sep-17 22:43:28

I agree with you Curlywurly77 on all counts.Maths teaching was absolutely awful, as was science, English and pretty much everything else.The school has seriously failed its recent pupils and this is clearly stated by the three independent inspectors who concluded (and I quote) " The school is not academically selective; however pupils mostly enter the school with high levels of attainment and leave in line with national average therefore progress is equally judged to require improvement."
This is a shocking enditement for a fee paying prep school.
Absolutely terrible.

campbell1975 Thu 07-Sep-17 23:31:17

This is very much appreciated. It's on par with the various sources i have spoken to from different years at the school. Looks like its on a fast spiral route down at the expense of its pupils. lets hope they sort themselves out. I for one have decided now and it is for sure not vita.

Gaia123 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:41:32

Heard that 5 governors resigned from Vita because of the headteacher and that pupils are being taken out in their droves. Does anybody know anything?

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