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arabeesalk Tue 04-Jul-17 19:24:26

We are moving to Bath from London with our 4 year old and 6 year old and a baby due in December. The children are going to Kingswood School and we are very keen to find a 4 bedroom house to rent near the school. I also wanted advice on maternity hospitals and if there are any nhs ones with private rooms for after a c-section. Any advice would be amazing. Thanks

ItsAHillyHill Tue 04-Jul-17 22:56:05

There's only one maternity hospital in Bath and that's the NHS RUH.

You could contact them directly to ask about private rooms and how they are managed.

Kingswood is in Lansdown as I'm sure you already know. I'm sure you've already looked on Rightmove. If there isn't anything there, contact the local estate agents directly and ask them if they have anything coming up. You can find most of the names from Rightmove, and google the rest. Bath is very hilly, so factor that in if you were hoping to walk to school with a baby and small children.

wheresmyphone Sun 09-Jul-17 00:00:58

The only other thing I could suggest is look at what is for sale in area and approach estate agent and see if they would rent it out. The sales market came to a sudden stop about 2 months ago and nothing is selling. Might be worth a shot! We are at Kingswood: lovely school. Welcome to the neighbourhood. You can PM if you want. Been here a couple of years. Bath is fab😀

user1489175660 Thu 10-Aug-17 19:14:50

Relocating to Bath with my 6 year old daughter who will be going to school at St Marys Weston from September. Looking for a double room to rent for 3/4 months pref in or near Weston, whilst purchasing a property. Does anyone know of any one renting a room? Many thanks

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