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Anyone here

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user1496701154 Mon 03-Jul-17 14:31:29

Is anyone here expecting or want a mummy to be mate. Just wanting to meet people in area an due 31st august

Mackemlass Tue 04-Jul-17 06:49:39

I'm from Sunderland (Seaburn). Whereabouts are you?

My baby is 8 weeks old.

Have you looked at the Surestart children's activities/groups?

Also there are quite a few things on Facebook. Search Tiny Tweeties, Little Play Cafe and Rhythm Time Tyne and Wear.

juneybean Tue 04-Jul-17 07:43:12

I'm just outside Sunderland near Washington but I'm TTC so no children yet (except furry ones)

user1496701154 Tue 04-Jul-17 08:03:17

Am hendon at the moment.I've looked at groups for when she's born just newish to area still I'd all

mygirllollipop Sun 16-Jul-17 09:41:21

I'm here!
South Sunderland and four DDs between 10 and 18

Jadehutchx Thu 20-Jul-17 15:06:15

Hi I am a first time mam to be, baby is due 21st November.
I live in millfield with my partner, but don't know really anyone in Sunderland so if anyone fancys a coffee some time just let me know! ☺️

Caitlinhrb Fri 21-Jul-17 00:30:13

Hey everyone!
I'm new on here, I'm a young mam (coming up 20) and would love to meet some people that have babies too as nobody I know does, it can be really isolating. I'm in Washington and my son is 8 month so anyone expecting or already has a baby please feel free to send me a message! smile

user1496701154 Fri 28-Jul-17 22:59:11

Guess there is people out there then

MuddlingMackem Thu 31-Aug-17 16:31:20

If anyone wants to know about toddler groups in Sunderland, just ask as I know of quite a few. Don't know about any in Washington though, sorry!

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