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Holidays with 13 year olds when working full time

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Petalpower16 Fri 30-Jun-17 22:20:51

What do people do with their kids in holidays when their kids are 12/13?
I'm returning to full time work at completely the wrong time.
In the past I've been able to take my kids to work with me, but I'm just starting a new job so can't have them tag along. my youngest is constantly getting into mischief and I'm just not sure I can trust them both to behave 1 day let alone 6 weeks. I can take a weeks holiday, so can my husband (step dad) and my family can help the odd day but I'm just not finding anything that doesn't cost the earth! Please help x

shewhomustbeEbayed Fri 14-Jul-17 11:45:27

My daughter, 13, goes to Whizzkids, about £22/day
Lots of sporting activities in lovely schools, usually private. They do early drop off and late collection for working parents.

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