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Host family needed for my 17 year old son

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user1497865509 Thu 29-Jun-17 22:00:49


My son attends Peter Symonds college in Winchester. We are looking for a host family with whom he can stay during term time. He is 17 and is a very sweet and polite young man. Always ready for a good chit chat. He is well travelled and speaks English quite good French and Moroccan Arabic. He is studying for his A levels with a view to becoming an architect. He has twin 9 years old sisters so is used to kids around the house. Ideally we would like to have breakfast and dinner included. We are a muslim family so there are some dietary requirements for our son which can be discussed.

If you feel you may be able to help please contact me.


Wellitwouldbenice Fri 30-Jun-17 18:21:57

Peter symonds has a boarding house - have you considered that?

user1497865509 Fri 30-Jun-17 18:41:33

Hi...yes we have Unfortunately its all boked upconfused

Talkinpeace Sat 01-Jul-17 17:09:02

Which Secondary is he coming from ? Are there any parents you could network through?
The biggest group of Muslim students at Symonds are probably those who get the train from Southampton each morning
maybe somebody in one of the community groups could put you in touch with a family ?
Have you asked Symonds if their pastoral team / islamic society could help ?

I'm just thinking in terms of keeping as much as possible familiar while he adjusts to the whirlwind of Symonds.

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