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Winton* Please recommend a dance school (ballet)

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DCooper Thu 29-Jun-17 21:35:13

Hi all mums and dads, which dance school would you recommend for a 3½ who's interested in ballet? JASS studio's or First position school of dance? Or other dance school in Winton you'd recommend. Would rather stay in Winton so it's in walking distance. Thank you in advance smile

CrosswordQueen Sat 15-Jul-17 17:05:29

My DD attended First position school of dance at age 3 (til about age 6) and she loved it. They do a BIG school dance show every other year and it is very professional and involves every child that wants to take part regardless of ability. Depending where in Winton you are but Anglo Dance in Charminster is also very good and may only be a short walk if you're near to the Alma Road end of Winton. My DD attends there now - started age 11 - and has just done some dance exams just today as the owner was a well known professional dancer so the exams are held at the dance school so the children learn them in the rooms they rehearse in which is less daunting. They do showcases every term for the parents to watch and are doing a BIG show in October of Alice in Wonderland. It's a lovely small family feeling school and our DD commented on how all the dance teachers know her name even though she's not been there that long.

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