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Back to work after being a stay at home mum for 18yrs

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Emotionalmummy288 Tue 27-Jun-17 10:13:08

Hi this is my 1st time ever posting on mumsnet so her goes..
I.m 36 and have been a stay at home mum for 18 yrs since i had my oldest daughter, my ex husband worked 12 hr shifts and my parents always made it very clear they wouldnt have any of their grandchildren if me and my sisters choose to go bck to work. As far back as i can remember my mom has always said mums shud be at home with their kids not "dumping them on other ppl" that was her view on it. So i settled into homelife and raised my kids.
I divorced and met my new husband 4 yrs ago and we have a 3 yr old little boy together my inlaws are very supportive and have offered to help with childcare so i managed to land a job at a fairly busy local store and started last week on a 16 hr contract which i was excited about but now after 3 shifts i feel so emotional because i.m rostered on for 28 hrs this week and 36 hrs next week so will hardley get anytime with the kids at all. I feel like a duck out of water and am just hoping i will start feeling better soon i guess what i.m asking is 1-where do i stand on the 16 hr contract am i within my rights to ask for just those hours unless theyre desperate and need me to do any extra? And 2- will i ever stop feeling this huge knot in my stomach at the thought of another 2 till 10 shift where i wont see my kids for more than 15 minutes b4 the leave for school? And also is it normal to feel sad and miss my usual routine of taking the little 1 to nursary, coming home and cleaning, picking him up and preparing their dinner etc sounds so silly to miss things that bored me before so much but i do and i feel like crying all the time.

Bouncygirl Fri 14-Jul-17 12:36:41

Oh bless you, I know just how you feel. First of all,I think you're a fantastic mum. It's always difficult to start somewhere new,and things do take time but I promise things will improve. Its always tough at the beginning, so keep thinking that every week will get easier - it really will. Jx

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