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Private swimming instructors around Hitchin/Letchworth

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awizardsstaff Mon 26-Jun-17 16:27:07

Does anyone know of any private swimming instructors based in Hitchin or Letchworth?

DD (6) needs lessons but is pretty nervous in the water and so ideally would have an instructor in the water with her and either DH or I nearby so she can see us (we tried her on lessons at the Luton pool when she was 4 but she freaked out as we were behind a glass screen and she couldn't see us).

Any advice or contacts would be very welcome! Thank you flowers

LetchworthHamster Mon 26-Jun-17 16:42:03

You can get 1-1 lessons at Nuffield Health or the Leisure Centre in Letchworth but I haven't used them - may do in future as my 6yr old didn't like group lessons at all.

Lalaletchworth Tue 27-Jun-17 07:48:16

I used to use a lovely lady called Michelle - Steel Swimming - who used a small private pool just outside Hitchin. She has changed pools to Aston End in Stevenage now from the looks of her website but I'd imagine it's still a private house small pool. She did 1 on 1 for both my girls and brought them on loads. I think 1 on 1 is so worth the money mine weren't progressing at all in group lessons not to mention they both have hearing problems so didn't know what was going on.

awizardsstaff Tue 27-Jun-17 08:19:32

Stevenage is good for us so will definitely check her out! Thank you

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