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Kew prep schools v living in Chiswick

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Lottothink Mon 26-Jun-17 12:50:26

Hi all

It would be great to hear your views if you are sending your child to one of private primary schools ( e.g. Unicorn, Kew College) and live in Chiswick. Does it work well? We are looking to move away from the flight path in kew gardens in our thought process (moving from SE) so considering Chiswick area.

Where do you recommend to live? Near Turnham Green station? which seems to be 5 min on district line to kew gardens (would be good for commuting to work too s) or Gunnersbury (which is on overground) or anywhere that works for that journey to school?

Many thanks

TheVanguardSix Mon 26-Jun-17 17:49:46

Hi there,

Although my kids are at school in Hammersmith, I know a number of local parents here in Chiswick whose kids attend private primary schools in Kew.
I can recommend my area of W4 which is Grove Park/Chiswick House/Duke's Meadows. But probably this is better for you if you drive. It's not a far drive at all to Kew Gardens.

Unfortunately Chiswick train station doesn't have direct trains to Kew Gardens. This is my closest overground rail (Southwest trains service). So this could make things tricky if you don't drive.

If you live closer to Chiswick High Road (Bedford Park area/Turnham Green which is really lovely), the 391 bus will take you there as well as the District Line, as you already know. This area is full of life, very vibrant, but also calm, peaceful, and great for families. Chiswick overall is just fantastic. You can't really go wrong in any part of it.
In my 20 years of living in London, it's the best place I've lived in. We've been here four years now and love it.

Lottothink Mon 26-Jun-17 19:42:00

Hi VanguardSix

thank you for your feedback - I would probably prefer your area for more village feel and being near to the river. However, I am not sure about how long it would take at rush hour to drive and come back. whether cycling would be an option - probably not during winter months anyway.

it might have to be either strand on green ( Havent checked it yet) which looks like walkable or turnham green. How is gunnersbury - havent been around there

TheVanguardSix Tue 27-Jun-17 09:28:41

Hi again Lottothink!

Although I don't know the area around Gunnersbury well, I imagine the part of Gunnersbury near the river/between Chiswick House and Gardens and Gunnersbury Park must be very nice. The part of Gunnersbury closer to Boston Manor is not as nice... it's quite built up around there. I know that bit because I have a friend who lives just near Gunnersbury Secondary school.
Another part of Chiswick that's just gorgeous is the Park Road/Chesterfield Road side of Chiswick House and Gardens.

There's a good estate agent which I'll link you to called River Homes (I am not an estate agent, I promise! Nor did we buy our home through this estate agent! grin). River Homes covers the 'nicer'/riverside areas of West London. So you can see what they offer in Gunnersbury, Grove Park, Duke's Meadows and explore a bit around W4.

I have to say that the riverside here in Duke's Meadows is a huge draw. We have a dog and kids but mainly it's the dog that gets us out and about exploring the river, also in and around Chiswick House. Gunnersbury Park is also really popular with families and dog owners. I am ashamed to say I haven't been there yet. Maybe this thread will encourage me to take the dog to Gunnersbury Park today!

Lottothink Tue 27-Jun-17 09:56:50

Thank you smile very useful information. It seems that grove park is very popular and more value for money than Turnham green - the cons would be a bit longer commute and I need to find out how easy and quick to drive to kew gardens for school drop off in rush hour. there might have a bus - I will check.

thank you for the estate agent recommendation. I will look at it. thank you

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