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Moving to fareham, Portsmouth area

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natsTC Tue 20-Jun-17 21:34:39

Hi, we are looking to move towards Portsmouth and have seen a couple of houses in Portchester and fareham but have no clue what the areas are nice. We have a 19 month old and a 6 months old so infant schools are the most important factor for us. We both drive and are looking for somewhere that is no too quiet and not too loud but has everything in a reachable distance. Somewhere up and coming would be perfect. We ideally want a detached if not a semi, 300-375 i get that is quite a broad scope but idally we don't want to go to 375 but would fot the right area, the lower the cost the better. Any suggestions on the surrounding areas? Or places to avoid? Thanks x

KatGut Tue 20-Jun-17 21:38:41

The Cams Hill area between Fareham and Portchester is very nice and worth a look. Roads worth checking out include The Causeway and The Ridgeway but the houses might a little lover budget. There are plans to build new houses near there so that might be worth considering too.

natsTC Tue 20-Jun-17 21:45:55

Great thanks katgut, what is the fareham, Portchester area like to live do you know? Does it get worse the further down you go ie towards gosport? I am looking for something in between so not an estate but not something too snobby x

MadeinBelfast Tue 20-Jun-17 22:15:09

Fareham is ok to live in, it has a reasonable variety of shops and easy access to the motorway although traffic isn't great. If you go further towards Gosport then the traffic can get really bad, especially if you are trying to leave during rush hour. Gosport town centre isn't that nice although if you need to commute to Portsmouth it can be handy as you can use the ferry. From what I remember house prices are a bit lower there too. Have you looked at Whiteley? Easy motorway access, good shopping but not especially cheap.

KatGut Tue 20-Jun-17 22:30:59

The traffic getting on and out of Gosport is horrendous. I'd look at the bit of Fareham nearest the motorway exit (rather than the town centre or nearer Gosport), or Knowle Village or as Made in Belfast says, Whiteley.

I live near Cams Mill and it's a nice area but it is fairly quiet and suburban. Personally I'd rather be somewhere with a bit more going on than Fareham but I'm a city girl! Other nice family areas are Drayton, Denmead, some parts of Waterlooville. I don't know Portchester but it seems ok.

LeadenHall Tue 20-Jun-17 23:38:57

Also look at Whitely,Warsash and Titchfield. All a bit nicer than Gosport and Fareham.

troodiedoo Tue 20-Jun-17 23:56:05

I would also suggest whiteley. Gosport lovely but awful traffic in and out. Cherque farm in Lee on solent and stubbington might be worth a look.

PigletJohn Wed 21-Jun-17 01:03:21

where are you planning to work? The A27/M27 is bad enough, but if you have to turn off onto one of the islands, it can get a lot worse.

30 miles in an hour is good going in commute time.

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 01:19:46

Portchester is lovely but on the hill part of say or down by the castle.

There's also a lot of development about to kick off at North Harbour (Aldi, pet store subway etc) so that could cause traffic delays.

Drayton is lovely, as is most of Portsdown Hill (avoid Paulsgrove and bare in mind QA is nearby on the hill so you get a lot of sirens etc in Cosham).

It really depends on where you'll be commuting and how. Gosport is nice but horrendous traffic and no train station.

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 01:21:47

Also Portsmouth was named one of the best places to raise children recently. There's so much amazing stuff and brilliant groups and activities, the summer is great as well as you have the Lido, splash parks and the other beaches at Lee-On-Solent, Hayling, Witterings etc

natsTC Wed 21-Jun-17 07:27:09

Thank you all!! We are currently at the very start of the m3 and I work locally, I am the main earner and am in IT. The plan would be to get a job locally or in the short term u can contract for a bit but I could swing working from home for the most part of the week and maybe spend a couple of days with family this until I get something local. I am I better off looking further into Portsmouth so I have more choice on IT jobs do you think? X

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 07:36:30

There's lot of IT and tech firms in and around Portsmouth for sure. And a lot up Whiteley/Sedgley way too. IBM also have their UK quarters here and Jobsitrnis based in Havant. Chichester and West Sussex aren't too far and have lots of tech stuff and you're a good commuting distance to the Surrey belt of tech/security firms too.

Jobs are always going around Lakeside too and The News has a good job section as well.

Id you were thinking more on the island to give you an example, I live in Copnor which is just on the edge of the island. We have a four bed house (end of terrace) with garage etc, close to train station etc and it's worth about £300k. You'll definitely be able to have a lot of choice in the Portsmouth area with your budget though. Just watch out for parking and be aware of hot sunny days (traffic to the beach) and football days (traffic building up to Fratton park). Southsea is great for kids but can be quite split between affluent and rough, and can be a nightmare getting on and off the island but everything is walking distance and there are fab restaurants and bars, lots of its own personal culture (check our LoveSouthsea on Instagram for some super tips).

My dh dreams of living "on top of the hill" and one of the big houses on Portsdown Hill. Also Purbrook and Denmead, Lovedean, Bedhampton etc are good. Schools are pretty evenly split with most being Good. I think the only Outstanding ones in Portsmouth itself are the SEN schools.

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 07:36:54

Segensworth even!

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 07:37:09

And Jobsite*

troodiedoo Wed 21-Jun-17 08:38:25

Portsmouth good for IT Jobs yes. Have you looked at Southsea?

natsTC Wed 21-Jun-17 09:13:55

We are currently in a 2 bed mid terrace, you could class it as an estate I suppose and it's worth about 365k we don't have a drive and parking is a nightmare so we definately would not buy somewhere with a drive and a 3 or 4 bed. We did think about the whole of the south coast so bournmouth and even worthing end but we have ended up on Portsmouth area. We plan to take a drive around all the areas but just wanted an idea really so we could search right move, job sites and get an idea of where to explore. So south Sea is the best place got the kids would you say? X

natsTC Wed 21-Jun-17 09:14:49

Would not but without a drive that was suppose to be!

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 10:30:15

You might struggle to find a drive in Southsea but not impossible. It's easy to get to Southsea with and without a car. Parking can be tricky but there are a few sneaky free spots. Also the buses and trains are really regular so a nip to Gunwharf or Southsea common is really easy. Plus there's also Aqua Cars and Uber.

Baffins has a lovely green leafy feel with a huge duck pond, also half way down the island so easy to get on and off the island as well. Hilsea and North End have some lovely big houses (look at Kirby Road, Torrington Road on rightmove) and very close to the Mountbatten centre (gym kids pool etc). You've also got The Pyramids (my 2 yo loves it there!), splash parks, Flip Out Tranpolines, several soft plays, the aquarium. Loads of kid friendly cafes. The list is endless.

Check out the local Families Portsmouth page as they have lots of great things and there's also a Southsea Mummies & Babies group on Facebook. Perfect for everything from nursery recommendations, school info, events, local businesses and general parenting stuff.

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 10:31:10

I drive and we have a garage but I end up using the bus more often than not!

glitterglitters Wed 21-Jun-17 10:32:16

PippaShortstocking Wed 21-Jun-17 16:00:52

If you go for somewhere in between Portsmouth and Southampton it would give you a broad scope for jobs, there are some large companies in that area anyway (e.g. At whiteley business park & segensworth) but you also have great access to London winchester Portsmouth southsea and Bournemouth.

Fareham is a bit cheaper, you'd easily get something in your price range. Schools I think depends which bit you live in. Town centre bit run down though and traffic not good

Gosport avoid because of traffic

Porchester popular with families, house prices may be a bit more

Whiteley, new, more expensive, nice new shopping centre with restaurants, cinema etc, very family orientated. Houses all new build so bit smaller and less storage etc but easy to maintain and nice area. Has some issues with Broadband so look into that if working from home, some areas are fine but some aren't

Warsash, Locks Heath, Parkgate,Titchfield are great for schools, all are really good primaries and lots of things going on for preschoolers and families. You can get a detatched 4 bed for your price range I think. Great access to motorway etc and it's got shops and whiteley close by. Schools all walkable etc

Knowle village, I haven't been for ages but get the impression it's new build with few amenities so bit of an odd place

Hedge end great for families and schools and has excellent primaries and secondary.

natsTC Wed 21-Jun-17 18:57:21

Thank you guys so much, we have a look to think about. We have a call booked in with our mortgage guy at the end of the week and once we stop dying from this heat we will schedule In some time to drive down and explore the areas 😊 x

natsTC Wed 21-Jun-17 18:58:30

I assume any places to seriously avoid would be noticeable on a visit?

natsTC Thu 22-Jun-17 10:19:29

We are definately going to consider portchester. We think fareham might not be fot us. What are port solent, Cosham and hilsea like do you? We don't think we would want to go right into the island. My head is telling me to avoid waterlooville, am I right?

glitterglitters Thu 22-Jun-17 14:53:32

I live in hilsea/Copnor and there's some good schools. It's a main thoroughfare and parking can be a bit crap but there are garages and drives. Cosham is nice and has a train station. Shops etc. You've also got Drayton and Farlington which are around Cosham.

I love Port Solent but I've never met anybody who lives there. I get the impression it's pricey.

It's avoid (just from personal experience and parking) Wymering, Paulsgrove, Leigh Park, Summerstown, Buckland, some of Stamshaw, Wecock Farm.

I'd drive around the area at different times to get a feel for it as well. And if you get shown a property by an ea come back and we can fill you in on the areas if you like smile

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