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C section Barnet

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BKKTam Tue 20-Jun-17 19:12:10

Sorry for long post. Complicated story and any views appreciated. Was living in Bangkok and arrived back in Barnet at what I thought was 35 weeks with a breech baby (scan done at 35 weeks in Bangkok). I couldn't leave earlier as my work were refusing to pay me over the summer if I left earlier (already took 2 weeks unpaid leave to fly at 35 weeks). It has taken a while to get onto the system at Barnet. Not their fault. I'm on there now at 37+1 but have been advised that baby is too big for an ECV, have an anterior placenta and baby's legs are not in a great position. So, I am booked in for the first available elective section on July 7th (EDD is July 10th) but have been told that if I go into labour spontaneously, it'll be an emergency section. This is my third and I have quick labours so am a bit worried. I also had my DS and DD normally and naturally (DS in an MLU and DD at home in water) so this is all a bit new and scary for me. I have had lots of info from the hospital but I wondered if anyone has had any recent experience of emergency or planned sections at Barnet and what to expect. Thank you so much.

LPMD Wed 09-Aug-17 23:28:47

Hi BKKTam,

Fingers crossed you don't go into quick labour then!

I had an emergency c-section with my now DS6 and it was snowing so much that day that Barnet hospital were massively understaffed. They delivered my boy safely, but due to the traumatic birth, I wasn't able to go past 2 weeks with my second, now DS5 and so had an elective c-section. It was a very calming and easy experience. I will go back to Barnet again with my third, hopefully, this time with natural labour!

Best of luck, let us know how you get on and what your experiences end up being with Barnet! xx

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