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Anyone in or near Marsden?

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MilfordCubicles Tue 20-Jun-17 14:42:42

3 months pregnant with two step kids 9 and 11. Not long moved to the area and just wondering if there was anyone to connect with on here.

~ n

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Jun-17 19:12:18

I'm about 10 miles away. I have a few aquaintances there, there seem to be an awful lot of playgroups etc around the area (Marsden, Slaithwaite, Meltham, Honley, Holmfirth). Stuff happening at Colne Valley Sports Centre and Holmfirth Pool. There's an active Taekwondo club that a friend of mine and her boys spend a lot of time at. If they're more musical than sporty, Musica Kirklees has Friday evening sessions at Colne Valley High School. Active kids section in Holmfirth Cycling Club and Huddersfield Star Wheelers (train at Elland). Valley Bowmen (archery) out that way too. Ricky's school of Rock in Linthwaite. Active Cub and Scout Groups in the Colne valley. There Sheady seems to be shed loads going on. Check out libraries, sports centres, school newsletters. Project Sporr for holiday clubs.

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Jun-17 19:13:27

Sorry, that wasn't very helpful in terms of connecting with you, rather suggestions of where you might find people to connect with.

Desperad0 Fri 07-Jul-17 19:51:18

You could also try the calderdale board? smile I'm the other side of Huddersfield but as pp mentioned there's plenty of babygroups etc in your area- I'm sure it won't take long to make new friends

Yarrum Tue 25-Jul-17 19:33:53

Hey I'm from Marsden
I have a 9yr old and 13yr old. smile

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