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Cally44 Sun 18-Jun-17 22:26:47

Hi I am desperate to find a good therapist, one who has lots of life experiences and has a wealth of knowledge. My long term marriage has been so rocky for the last few yrs, my husband invalidate any emotions or upsets that I might have. I am suffering with adrenal fatigue, questioning myself over situation s, knowing I didn't deserve to be spoken to in such a manner. I keep trying as we have children and I do love him. But it's driving me crazy that he won't or refuses to hear me. I need a really good counsellor to talk this through as he says I am depressed/ anxious. I don't think I am but I am so confused by his responses and get so frustrated. I don't understand how another human can be so cold when another is hurting. I need to find out whether these moments are acceptable or not. I am desperate to share with a recommended counsellor/therapist. Can anyone please help x

Henduckgoose Fri 14-Jul-17 23:45:32

Have you considered Relate? Even if your DH won't agree to go with you, you can go and talk things through. Maybe get another perspective on things. I found them really useful, and knowledgeable. Good luck and take care of yourself. How you feel is real for you, no matter what he says or how ridiculous it may seem to anyone else. You deserve to be listened to flowers

LocalEditorNorthumberland Fri 06-Oct-17 20:43:22

I don't know whether you may have already done this but your gp can refer to talking matters to help you through this difficult time

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