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Stop Old Hutton Power Station

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amcglynn Sat 17-Jun-17 14:19:08

We need your help. Please, please read and share. Sorry it's a bit long.
South Lakeland District Council currently has two planning applications for a Gas power station and Lithium Battery Storage in the rolling countryside at Old Hutton near Kendal.
While the media have been obsessed with election reporting these developments are slipping in under the radar. Also, they occupy an area between the Lake District and Yorkshire National Park so there is not the same protection of the land.
The gas fired power station is 49.99 megawat and has 11 15m high chimneys that will produce smoke and harmful emissions. The company have produced data that negates the effect of emissions but they have used weather data from Shap which has a completely different weather system to Old Hutton so is largely irrelevant. This will be very harmful to the environment. The company has also paid for some very clever surveys which demonstrate that the chimneys will have a minimum visual impact. These are again very misleading as they are taken very close to the site. Anyone further away will have a very good view of it. If you walk your dog on the Helm you'll be able to see it easily.
The Lithium battery storage will be housed in 40 steel containers next to the power plant and will also be visible in the landscape.
The company do not have local knowledge and don't particularly care because they will sell the sites in five years and make their millions then. That is why they didn't know the difference between Shap and Old Hutton.
They also have not decided how the plant will be accessed from the motorway. The current thinking is that the traffic will come via Kirkby. The company estimate 30 large vehicles per day (that's 60 journeys there and back) between the hours of 7am and 8pm.
Access is also a problem if there is a fire. They propose to tap into the high pressure gas main at Old Hutton for the power station. If it blows then a large number (a suggestion of 50 has been made by an industry expert) of fire response vehicles will be needed to access the site quickly. The access to the site does not support this and even if they get there the site itself could not accommodate the number of vehicles needed to put out the fire. As Kendal only has about 3 engines I guess we're stuffed. The fire will burn for a mile around the site.
An industry expert tells us that if the Lithuim Battery storage catches fire it can burn for up to six months. It is almost impossible to put out, you would need to bury it.
A disaster on this scale will affect us all in the area. The site is less than 1km from the primary school, church and village hall. The school and surrounding homes would need to be evacuated for a long period of time. I doubt the school would ever reopen and it would have a devastating effect on farming and tourism in the area.
If you're still with me, thank you. But now I need you to OBJECT. Anyone in the country over 18 can object. If you think it doesn’t affect you please think again, these Gas power stations are becoming an easy way for developers to raise vast profit and they could select a site near you next.
The deadline is very close but you can do it in 5 minutes online and I've included the links to the Old Hutton Parish website that has direct links to the two planning applications. The website says the closing date is 14th but you can still object until 29th. You will need to object to both and should do it for each adult in your household. Just fill in your details, click the 'object' button and type your objection in the 'comments' field. It doesn't have to be very long but please keep it sensible and abuse-free or it will be deleted straight away.

somewhereovertherain Wed 12-Jul-17 16:27:18

So where do you suggest it goes. Nimby at its best.

amcglynn Wed 12-Jul-17 17:45:11

I accept that we need power and it needs to go somewhere but this is a greenfield site 200M from a small hamlet and 800M from a primary school. There are plently of brownfield sites where there is access to the grid, that are away from the general population and there is a good road system so that disasters can be dealt with. This just doesn't make sense. It has been chosen by a private developer because he thinks the rural planners will pass it without much opposition.

LizW55 Mon 27-Nov-17 20:39:02

This is nothing to do with nimbyism it is purely about profit for the non-local developer. I will be sending in my objections shortly and have already sent a letter about them using two applications for one site.

KendalMintCakey Tue 12-Dec-17 19:20:59

Have you pointed out the geographical distance between Old Hutton and Shap being 22.2 miles? It's not close...It's a 29 minute drive in fact (weather and traffic permitting). Have you spoken to Tim Farron (the man walks on water)? Those 3 engines are in regular should the worst happen...just 1 engine! Placing it near children is appauling. Dread to think what could happen. It's like New Rd...once they've made up their mind...that's that!

Tickledblue Tue 09-Jan-18 22:54:10

Congratulations- just read that planning permission was refused.
Hope they stick to that.

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