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Norwich High School for girls Y5/6

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susieb19 Fri 16-Jun-17 20:59:22

Am Interested in anyones thoughts/experience of this school please? Is it a very pressurised environment? Thanks in advance for any views smile. X

NameNumber2 Sat 17-Jun-17 06:41:34

We moved our daughters here last September, both into the junior school. We have been very happy with the school. Not pressured, very very nurturing, staff are really all as lovely as they seem.

We had considered all the other private schools in and around Norwich and felt that this was by far the best fit for us. The school isn't completely perfect but we are really relieved that almost an academic year in it seems to have been the right decision. If you would like to pm me more detailed questions I'd be happy to help.

Amelia1909 Sat 17-Jun-17 12:33:25

Thank you so much. I have pm'd you!

Amelia1909 Mon 19-Jun-17 11:47:04

Hi again #namenumber2 I am really keen to talk about your experience as it may mirror mine?! Did you get my pm? Sorry hope this doesn't come across as demanding!

LocalEditorNorfolk Mon 19-Jun-17 15:54:53

Hi Amelia,

We'll put a message out on Norfolk social media linking to this thread so you may get some more feedback. Best wishes, MN smile

NameNumber2 Mon 19-Jun-17 19:50:24

I have sent you a message. X

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