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Bracknell ladies

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culleyace Thu 15-Jun-17 18:18:21

Hi I'm new to Mumsnet and hoping someone can help. I am looking for a swimming pool that has very quiet times as I'm overweight currently 3 months pregnant and very self conscious. I would really love to start going swimming with my husband but don't want to be stared at and judged for being overweight. I always feel conscious of my weight and feel judged already. I always get people telling me I need to lose weight and it has seriously damaged my confidence. Thanks in

DueOct30th Fri 16-Jun-17 10:07:06

Hi I don't live in bracknell anymore but the sport centre used to be fairly quiet during the day with mainly mums and toddlers having lessons and over 60s using the big swimming pools. I also recommend the racquets club opposite the lookout, you can look through the window to see how busy it is when you arrive but used to be quiet during the day. It's quite pricy membership though.

I would say though people are usually too worried about their own appearance to take notice of anyone else wherever you go. 😉You'll be fine

culleyace Fri 16-Jun-17 10:26:28

Thankyou for your suggestions I will take a look. It's just very difficult when you've had your confidence destroyed by other people telling you your too fat all the time. Now it's all I think about whenever I'm in public.

DueOct30th Fri 16-Jun-17 22:46:10

Ahh I know it's easy for me to say. I hope you find somewhere and good on you for keeping fit and healthy x

ilovecolinfirth Sun 25-Jun-17 09:46:55

Heathfield Pool in Ascot has an £18 a month membership - you can swim as much as you want within certain times. The times are quite restrictive though x.

culleyace Sun 25-Jun-17 10:38:32

Thankyou I will take a look.🙂

LazyLikeaMoFo Mon 26-Jun-17 08:03:23

The sports centre is indeed quite quiet in the day times. Probably just customers like you in fact (meant kindly - as in people who just want to get a swim done, it's not a place where people hang out and chill by the side like a health club, if you see what I mean). They also have women only sessions I think (but check that, it's been a while sine I last went).

Also for ref, the walk from the changing bit to the pool is quite short, and there is also a sort of low wall between the two pools that you can leave a towel on so it's literally just a couple of steps from there to the pool itself as well.

There are also individual shower cubicles alongside the open ones, and changing cubicles too.

I've been in that pool at a size 24 and nobody batted an eyelid.

Crystal1234 Tue 03-Apr-18 09:42:08

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