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NEW Palmers Green expectant mums group

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clairew7911 Thu 15-Jun-17 08:28:42

I am looking to start a mums group in Palmers Green for mums who are pregnant with baby number 2....there seems to be lots of groups for brand new mums but not much on offer for those of us going through the journey for the second time. Looking to meet locally over a drink and chat.....let me know if you are interested smile

krisskross Thu 15-Jun-17 16:17:20

Just had baby no. 3 in southgate. I might be interested smile

clairew7911 Mon 19-Jun-17 12:01:59

Great! I'll find a few more mums to join and then arrange a meet up!

Danlsb Mon 17-Jul-17 21:50:34

Hello I'm due to have baby number 2 on Friday. We are relatively new to the area and Remember feeling pretty isolated after my first so would definitely be interested 🙂

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