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Francescab123 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:54:14


I moved to Morpeth not long ago after living in the South East for many years. I was wondering if anyone had any tips about where to meet other mums and what is on that might be nice for my little boy (three and a half). Thank you !!

GriseldaChop Fri 14-Jul-17 11:55:08

Hi! Welcome to the north east! Hope you're enjoying it. There's lots of places to go with a 3.5 year old, (he's the same age as my son). Try Whitehouse Farm, just outside of Morpeth, Kirkley Hall Zoo, Ridley park in blyth and the beach. There's lots of soft play too, Treasure Island in Morpeth and I like the one at Concordia leisure centre in cramlington too. I took my son to a playgroup to meet some other mums but it was the last session this week.

MarieKL Fri 14-Jul-17 12:22:05

Hi, Welcome to the North East! We moved up 5 years ago from London. I'd second all of GreseldaChops recommendations. Kirkely Hall have a special family day a week on Sunday (£2 pp) so worth a look then. Its a great place to live with children. National Trust have some big local sites - Wallington and Cragside. South Beach in Blyth has great facilities -beach, play area, toilets and fish and chip shop. Plessey woods and Rising Sun Country Parks are worth exploring too. I also like Heighly Gate on a wet day - garden centre with softplay, a cafe with a good view of bird feeders and the opportunity to feed some very large goldfish.

My eldest was two when we moved and it took a while to establish new friends. We're just South of you in Cramlington but I found the local church toddler groups good for meeting other mums and the surestart children centres were good too. The library was useful for finding out about local groups as well. Hope that helps.

Sayyouwill Sun 03-Sep-17 19:44:44

I'm moving to Morpeth by the end of this year (hopefully). From newcastle mind so it's not too new for me

Orangetree27 Sat 16-Sep-17 21:08:28

Hello, just recently moved to Morpeth. Really liking it so far. We're renting at the mo and would be grateful of any tips about where might be good to buy. We'd like to be 10-15 mins walk of the town but it it's not vital for finding the right house.

rasmusklump Tue 19-Sep-17 07:08:09

I've just moved to morpeth too and I'm desperate to meet other mums!

LocalEditorNorthumberland Fri 06-Oct-17 20:41:32

Morpeth is a lovely area. A great place to meet new mums is the surestart Centre. They have a toddler group on a Thursday morning (drop in) which is £1. Children from 0-5years.
Also using the local leisure centre could be useful as they have lots of activities for mums and children!

OhBeggerItsMorning Fri 06-Oct-17 21:47:49

Used to live in Morpeth (and surrounding areas) years ago, so know lots of people there.
Friends of ours (who used to do children's work at the Leisure Centre) now run a toddler group based at New Life Christian Centre, a church on Dacre Street, near the Morrison's fuel garage. It is called Jelly Beans and is on Monday and Friday mornings, 9.30am til 11.00am, cost £2 per family. It is on the website if it's not to your liking, or you just want to know more of what is in the area they will be able to tell you lots more about what there is to do, their contact details are also on the web page, they will help over the phone/via e-mail too.
Of course, if you fancy a short drive/bus journey, there are bundles of things to do in Newcastle too. Seven Stories, Discovery Museum etc. etc. etc. Also The MetroCentre in Gateshead, it will be decorated for Christmas very soon as well.
We now live in Somerset but I do miss some of the things we used to go to up there.

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