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Hove Park School

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soaringsarah Mon 12-Jun-17 11:42:21

Hello ,

I would like to hear from Mum's who have children at Hove Park School, your views on the school and the pastoral care ?
My DD is due to start in Sept 17, this year.

I am concerned that the school is not the best for my dd as she is a creative, much more adept at English and Drama than Academic subjects. I wonder how the school fairs in these areas ? do they encourage this.

We didn't get any of our choices.

I am considering a move to Lewes, then it would be Lewes Priory as it is closer to work for me but my daughter is keen to go to to a Brighton School :D

Another concern is the distance to travel, we live in town, near the level, i think it'll be two bus rides to school for her and she has barely begun to go out , with he friends, on her own .

Thank you in advance.

Toni1234 Wed 27-Sep-17 16:39:25

Hi there,
I'm moving from London to Brighton,
My daughter is due to start at Hove park school, I'm just wondering if you can give me any feedback on your daughters experience.
It's going to be a big move for my daughter and I hope the school will be the right one for her.
Thank you

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