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Moving to Dumfries area

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HH51 Sun 11-Jun-17 08:28:55

Hello all looking for advice about schools within 15 miles distance of Dumfries as we are moving next month to the area. I am looking west of Dumfries towards Castle Douglas as I know the area but don't have time to research all the other areas, north etc. Looking for a really good primary and secondary school close together within in 30 ish mins or so commute of Dumfries. Will need after school care for youngest son. Any suggestions as trying to find schools first before we rent.... Any advice is welcome! Thanks

iamdivergent Tue 11-Jul-17 17:20:55

Hi - probably a bit late to the party. Wrap around care is a bit lax in the area (I am in Dumfries itself). There is a nursery in Castle Douglas and I believe that the primary school offers wrap around care there, the secondary is about a 10min walk from the primary school.

I can give you a bit more info if you'd like, just let me know smile

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