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In search for shared living, or a community/commune in the area or another nice part of London?

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Chelpoppy Sat 10-Jun-17 14:18:30


We are a mother and daughter relocated here from Scandinavia. Currently we are looking for a house share, as we are social (not overly!), and have nearly always had people living with us back home.

We are orderly and civil yet easy-going, widely travelled and speak a variety of languages. My background is in international politics, incl. foreign and security policy, peace negotiation and conflict resolution, advisership and consultancy for governments and parliaments.

I'm 41 and my daughter is 10. We are both sociable and easy-going, love reading, the outdoors, gardening, cooking, exploring art & culture, travelling and learning the wonders of the worlds. I love running and cycling, our lifestyle is pretty organised and healthy. We do have a most adorable cat, a 6-year-old very clean and friendly Bengal, she has been sterilised and everyone seems to fall in love with her.

I have my own business and I do further university studies besides that at the moment, my daughter attends year 5 and we have started to look for a good state secondary school.

We'd be happy also for an option, where we would live with an elderly person or couple and I could help with the upkeep of the house and garden. I can provide with very good references for that. Also, we love being in interaction with older generations, as there is so much to learn. So, if you know someone who does not enjoy living alone, needs a bit of help and company for discussions and afternoon tea, it might be mutually ideal.

Paying rent is not an issue, yet we wish to have a community feel, as we have no family here and have arrived rather recently. We love interacting with people and would really appreciate mingling with the locals!

Any suggestions or tips are warmly welcome!

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