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Moving to Altrincham/Dunham area in a months time

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Mummy287 Fri 09-Jun-17 13:44:20

I am in the process of moving and concerned about my child.
My DD is 10 and anxious as she has no friends in the area. She is in Y5 at the moment and we won't be changing her school till High school. How can I go about finding her friends etc. Does anyone know any good youth clubs or groups in the area? I just want her to realise that the move will be a good one but she is stuck in the idea that she will hate it due to having no friends.

mandy214 Fri 09-Jun-17 18:45:00

There are numerous clubs she can join - guides, hockey, tennis, performing arts, choirs etc etc. Also if you're going to be in Dunham, the village is quite active (they've just had their Rose Queen party) so have lots of children's discos and there's a tennis club within Dunham which is very sociable I think. Quite a few groups through local churches too.

Harree Sun 16-Jul-17 23:54:19

Are you talking about Dunham proper or 'Dunham' which is really Oldfield Brow & is nearer to 'the thick of things'?
There are loads of clubs/classes that run in Altrincham. We're really quite lucky in that respect. What kind of things is she in to? I presume you're not moving from too far away if she's staying at her current school. The leisure centre have a roller skating disco session on a Saturday evening. Maybe your daughter & some current school friends could meet up there?
I think The Hub near Sainsbury's run a youth club type scenario & a few of the 'bigger' churches will too I would have thought.
My DD is same age. Maybe they'll bump into each other somewhere.

Mummy287 Wed 25-Oct-17 13:12:22

Thank you! Just seen these responses, still learning how to use Mums net!! Thank you for the advice! We live just near dunham golf club if you know where that is? I'll definitely look into the hub place- I hadn't heard of that. So far I have just been sending her to the 'little sports coaching' so she can meet people that way. Now we are picking schools it's even scarier for her! eeek! :/ smile

Mummy287 Wed 25-Oct-17 13:44:41

Following on- We've moved quite far - about 30 mins in the car, an hour on the tram, so her friends from school haven't been willing to come up to ours. We left her in the school as I work really close so it means I can drop her off before I go to work. I've just looked into the hub and it looks great so I'll definitely try there and keep searching the net for youth clubs.

Harree Wed 25-Oct-17 20:31:04

This is a youth club run by the Baptist church. My Dd went a few weeks ago. Enjoyed it as they played games & did craft. Up to year 6. The yr7 upward club is at the Hub.

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