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Need help/advice finding lost bunny

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lostbunny Thu 08-Jun-17 12:17:48


I brought my daughter to Brighton for a couple of days in half-term (Thursday/Friday last week).

Very sadly she lost her toy bunny which she's had since birth. If she were a toddler I'd have snuck out and bought a new one, but she's 14 and bunny was wearing a dress my daughter had made herself. Huge sentimental value sad

I've phoned all the places we visited and the hotel and nobody has been able to find her. This morning I started trying to circulate details on twitter (

Does anyone have any other ideas for how I might be able to find her lost bunny?


Slightly desperate dad.

violetdawn Thu 08-Jun-17 21:46:48

You could try the facebook selling page

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