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Wareham -v- swanage .... or event sandford?????

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Gabster123 Wed 07-Jun-17 21:59:51

Help! Hubby has just landed a great job in Poole so we are a moving!!! We live about 200 miles away, so can't easily explore the area. Been there loads for holiday so seemed great idea to move to either Wareham or Swanage. but now I'm looking at property it's so hard to know where to live, and I keep seeing Sandford properties thinking .... what's it like? Is there anything there apart from the school?

We have DD3yrs and DS9 yrs so looking at schools too. Hopefully moving in August .... please give me your best opinions ... good and bad ... so we can decide! any little villages around too.

My hubby and son really want the beach but I'm more of a practical person so the school and daily life is more important!!!! lol. Please help :-)

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 08-Jun-17 14:13:52

Out of Wareham or Swanage to live in I would live in Wareham, its more of an all year town rather than just a tourist destination, if your husband works in Poole its less of a trek in as Swanage is out on a limb. Schools generally are good, mine go to a small village school 7 miles from Wareham, which feeds into Purbeck secondary. This is very much up and coming with some good results, had a head teacher to sort it out for a couple of years and she has moved on and they have a new one, my DS will be going there if he wants to in a couple of years.

Most primary schools are one form entry except for Sandford which is the feeder school for Lytchett, there is not a lot to do in Sandford, Stoborough is a nice place to live and has a great primary school and walking distance to Wareham. Avoid Purbeck Gate if you are looking to buy in Wareham.

LocalEditorDorset Fri 09-Jun-17 16:21:49

Hi there! Great news on the job! Have you considered any other areas? Dorchester is lovely and Broadstone, both have good schools and are popular with families but it may depend on how close to Poole you wish to be.

Look through the threads below as there have been lots of similar discussions, especially around local schools. Do bear in mind that Swanage can be very busy during the summer although it is a lovely town, Wareham is quieter but near enough to enjoy the local beaches.

Goodasgoldilox Fri 14-Jul-17 12:29:56

We have loved living in Swanage with our children. There is always plenty to do (many child centred events happen all summer) and lovely to go to the beach after school at any time of year.

It is a place where there are really marked seasons: Spring where you spot the first pairs of shorts in the local bank - Summer where you need to get your shopping in before the visitors get out from their B&B- and Autumn when there are suddenly groups of very fit looking silver-haired walkers in all the cafes. Winter doesn't seem to happen. Snow is a mythical beast.

I like the way that the people you meet are usually very cheerful - and in holiday mood. You do have to share everything in summer - but it is exciting and bustling. In winter is it quieter - you can have it all to yourselves and it is still beautiful.

The local sailing club is great with children!

Some things are still a little 1950s. (Punch and Judy on the beach + we have had to teach our children that in the outside world trains don't all have steam. ...a birthday treat was a trip on a diesel one.)

humblesims Sun 23-Jul-17 12:37:02

I wouldnt consider Sandford. There is nothing there apart from the road to Wareham/Poole. Swanage would be my choice.

FlowerFairyLights Sun 23-Jul-17 16:06:02

The traffic is crazy into Poole from the purbecks. I think I would rule put Swanage for that reason (although lovely).

I think I personally wouldn't do Wareham/Sandford for that reason to, the road into Poole is just crazy in the summer, but at least you're closer. Lovely quiet areas though.

I'd look at wimborne, cranborne and more that direction probably.

FlowerFairyLights Sun 23-Jul-17 16:07:35

Of your list I'd choose wareham probably although tempting to be lytchett catchment too, I'm not sure where the boundaries are.

Lotts40 Thu 10-Aug-17 21:50:51

Utterly new to a. Mumsnet and b. Potentially moving to swanage with 3 boys and a husband in pursuit of fresh air, the sea and a change of pace. Love the area from many camping trips, any advice on living not just holidaying appreciated. Boys 7,5,3 in part keen to make the move before we get sucked into the London secondary school arms race. Think both Swanage and Purbeck schools look good for secondary and swanage has so much for kids to do outdoors but is it isolated as they get older? Surely Bournemouth is not far away? Rambling thoughts from someone in danger of making a big decision. Any Swanage mumsnetter advice appreciated.

Bridg84 Thu 05-Apr-18 19:07:26

Hi all, did anyone make the move to Swanage in the end? We have been looking to move there for a few years now but keep hitting bumps along the way. We holiday there once a year since our children were babies and now they are nearly 12 and 9- I have the same worries about the children being bored when they are older and if there are enough things to do all year round so any advice would be welcomed

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