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Castle School Catchment

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julia43 Wed 07-Jun-17 19:25:23

I wondered if anyone could help. We are moving to Taunton later this year, and having looked at schools in the area, it seems that either Castle School or Heathfield Community School have good things said about them.

What I'm worried about is flooding! I looked at a house near the River Tone but a quick bit of googling and I found that exact road was subject to major flooding a few years back. How can I avoid buying a house which might flood in the future?

Also, I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of any areas to look at houses based on our requirements of:

Up to 230k
2 bedrooms or more
older style if possible (we like a fireplace)

Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to give me.

Sizzlesthedog Wed 07-Jun-17 20:57:44

Ok, the River Tone is quite big, so which part are you worried about?

The Somerset levels flood in part. But they wouldn't be in the catchment area for the schools you mention.

I don't know of any parts of Taunton that flood on a regular basis. The levels are flooded to protect Taunton.

PovertyJetset Wed 07-Jun-17 21:07:16

You wouldn't be flooded in/around Taunton!

There are a bazillion new houses being thrown up all around Heathfield which makes me think it will become crowded.

You could live in Trull which has older properties.

Sizzlesthedog Wed 07-Jun-17 22:00:47

Up to £230k I think you'll get more than two bedrooms.

Staplegrove, Trull, Kingston st Mary have older houses and are not central Taunton.

I'm interested to know which road in Taunton flooded recently. Unless it was a burst water main, I can't see how it could happen. The River Tone doesn't really go near houses.

Girliefriendlikesflowers Wed 07-Jun-17 22:07:51

230k will get you a really nice house round here!!

Taunton doesn't flood confused

For Castle school you want to be looking at Galmington and Trull.
For Heathfield school look at Monkton Heathfield, Creech st Michael and Ruishton. There are lots of new houses going up in Monkton Heathfield and surrounding areas so am guessing their catchment is going to get quite strict.

Tauntonterri Thu 08-Jun-17 20:11:42

Bishops Hull and Staplegrove are also in Catchment for Castle. It may have good results but if your child is not terribly academic they may get left behind, they would rather boost the grades of the top achievers to A*s and leave the others to struggle.

Sizzlesthedog Fri 09-Jun-17 08:40:52

Wonder if the OP is coming back?

SequinsOnEverything Sat 08-Jul-17 12:21:53

Not all of staplegrove is catchment for castle, our road is the academy. We might move before our children are secondary age because of this.

mateysmum Sat 08-Jul-17 19:56:48

When you are considering properties, use this link to check flood risk

There hasn't been a flooding issue in Taunton since the '60's. Not to say there never will be, but the majority of the town is at no risk at all - including Monkton Heathfield where they are building literally '000's of new houses. I live out near North Curry and that is currently still in Heathfield catchment although there is talk of that changing because of all the new houses. People see the words North Curry and think FLOOD because of the problems 3 years ago but the village is 20m above the floods.

Which road was it that you say was flooded?

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