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Is Hastings safe? How is compared to Hove?

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Soyyog Thu 01-Jun-17 14:50:15

Hi, my husband and I are thinking of moving to either Hove or Hastings. We live somewhere in Scandinavia so we are used to an extra safe environment. Anyone can give us an opinion?

Sparkletastic Thu 01-Jun-17 15:01:44

The two don't compare apart from being by the sea. Hastings has some lovely properties and is starting to drag itself up but is relatively deprived in socio-economic terms. Hove is pretty much the preserve of the well to do, and has the attraction of Brighton nearby if that's your kind of city (vibrant, creative, great bars and restaurants counter-balanced by drug problems and homelessness). Spend minimum of a week staying in both places before you decide. You will soon appreciate the differences between them.

Sparkletastic Thu 01-Jun-17 15:02:38

Neither are particularly safe but Hove has a significantly lower crime rate than Hastings.

StickyProblem Thu 01-Jun-17 15:07:42

I agree with Sparkle - spend a week in each, and also take some time to walk around, don't drive everywhere. They are completely different and also some distance apart.
I live near Hastings and can answer specific questions but I don't know Hove at all so can't compare them.

Sparkletastic Thu 01-Jun-17 20:14:29

And yes as StickyProblem rightly points out there are very far apart geographically. Your budget for housing would be a big deciding factor. You can get a great place for a relatively affordable price in Hastings (at least for the south east) but your money wouldn't go far in Hove. You don't say whether schools are a factor? There's a significant premium on houses in the catchment of good schools in Hove and a hugely competitive market. Not such an issue in Hastings. Look at St Leonard's too.

scoe Tue 29-Aug-17 21:49:28

Hi, just moved to the west hill and wondering what people thought of the local schools and nurseries. recommendations and ones to avoid. Thanks

IckyPop Tue 12-Sep-17 10:34:59

Hove is great if you have the money, lovely seafront, loads of cafes, bars, restaurants, individual shops. Bus services in Brighton & Hove are very frequent. Loads to do in Brighton (10-15 mind bus ride). Parking is a nightmare in Brighton and gets a little better the further west you go. Lots of commuting potential to Cawley/Gatwick and London. I have lived there but wouldn't want to again but only because a) couldn't afford to b) prefer a quieter life these days!

Hastings has always had a bad rep. Very rough in certain areas, although there has been an influx of Londoners and others attracted by seaside location and cheap housing. It's quite artsy in places but mostly a bit run down. Little to no industry, commuting anywhere is a nightmare. Trains and roads are very slow. I wouldn't want to live there at all.

Conclusion, I would choose Hove over Hastings in a heartbeat.

Good luck!

IckyPop Tue 12-Sep-17 10:37:02

Missed your comment about "ultra safe environment" - definitely not Hastings then.
Would suggest perhaps west Hove but stop before Portslade.

pilates Tue 12-Sep-17 17:08:13

If budget is not a main factor, it would be Hove. Hastings has a reputation for being rough.

sandelf Mon 25-Sep-17 21:09:10

Bexhill is next to Hastings and has very low crime rate, low prices, small town friendliness. - Fab weather.

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