Any Wirral Mums [brew]

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jeannette2014 Thu 01-Jun-17 08:53:56

Hi all

I have been living in Wallasey for 4 years now, work from home and 2 children aged 11 and 13. Recently separated and looking for new friends for coffee, chat, anything lol

Is there anyone out there? Pretty lonely here.

Hope to speak soon.

Jeannette x

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Flambola Sun 02-Jul-17 00:22:53

Hi Jeannette, I'm on the Wirral. I work Mon-Thurs but free Fridays and the weekend if you ever fancied a coffee. Although my DD is only 21 months so she'd have to tag along!

Wabberjocky Wed 05-Jul-17 18:11:04

Hi both, i'm going mad here in Heswall, 2 kids aged 3 & 6, and on the market for a laugh and a few days out - am new here xx

sassymuffin Mon 31-Jul-17 23:18:22

Hi Wirral mum with slightly older children here DS15 DD20 I was a young mum . Would be nice to meet up with some local mumsnetters.

Stitchsmum Tue 01-Aug-17 00:56:02

I'm in Wallasey too.
Have a 1 year old son. Would love to make some new friends smile

lovemybabies3 Fri 25-Aug-17 07:38:31

im also from wallasey! have 3 young children! would love to meet some new mum friends! sometimes feel my only conversation all day is with my kids ha ha.

BeeWirral Thu 21-Sep-17 14:58:14

Good Afternoon everybody!

I must apologise for the advertisement, but on reading this post I thought it might actually be quite helpful for me to tell you about our community centre, as part of our purpose is giving our community somewhere to meet each other and make friends!

We have a regular group that works in our centre called Relaxed Bay-Bees. Lisa, who runs the groups, has sessions for parents and parents-to-be. So you are welcome from bump all the way to toddlers!

Lisa runs a great session on Wednesdays at 12.30 - 2.30 (drop-in) called Bump & Beyond which is completely free, and has been a real hit with new mums that have come to our centre. It is also a great place to find out about the other sessions we run, we also do sensory play and a music group which are both £2.50.

For those of you with older children 6+, we also have a group called Bee Kids, run by Kathryn, which runs weds, thurs and fri from 3.30 - 5.30 and is free during term time (£1 during school holidays). Quite a few parents stay during the session so is another great place to meet people.

Here's the link to our Facebook for more information, it also has our number if you wanted to give us a call for a chat

If you wanted to pop in, you can also do so any time. I will be more than happy to make you a cup of tea or coffee and help find you any information you need about anything.

We are located on St Anne Street, near Livingstone St in Birkenhead. We are literally about a five minute walk from Birkenhead Park train station.

Hope this is of some help to somebody! smile
-Emma (Administrator)

MickOrd1 Fri 22-Sep-17 20:30:11

There's an Open Day for the parents of Wirral toddlers tomorrow....10am - 2pm at the area's first bi-lingual nursery (English-Spanish) .

It's at 'Habla' on Saltacre Lane in Upton -
Come along, find out more and enjoy some tapas..and learn how we teach toddlers to speak Spanish and give them a head start for later in life !

Teejay222 Fri 24-Nov-17 12:50:54

Hello jeanette2014, Flambola, sassymum, Stitchsmum, Waberjocky, lovemybabies3.
I’m another Wirral Mum who’s like to make some mummy friends. My LO is 17months. If you’d like to meet up for a brew reply to this thread and we can meet up maybe?

LexieLulu Fri 24-Nov-17 12:58:33

Also Wallasey! I have a DS age 4 and DD age 1.

Wednesday mornings at Oasis church they have stay and play mornings. Quite good for letting the kids run about and having a chin wag with fellow local mums x

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