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Looking to move to Islington

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TxPato Wed 31-May-17 17:17:54

Hello! We're being relocated from Texas, US to London this summer.

We have two sons, ages 5 and 7. Which schools should we look into?

Any and all suggestions or advice are welcome. I have always lived in Texas. We are excited for this move, but this is all new to me.


NotYouNaanBread Fri 02-Jun-17 07:33:52

We're moving to Islington with similar ages this year too.

The primary schools that get all the talk on here are the William Tyndale, the Canonbury and the Thornhill.

The most important thing to remember is that the area is densely populated and that popular schools have a vanishingly small catchment area - 0.15 miles is not unusual in practice. And even if you live literally next door to the school, there might not be a place available for your 7 year old.

We looked at private schools in the area too, and there are some, but because we quickly established that the state primaries around there are fantastic, we didn't look into it very far. We'll go private for secondary, I suspect, so we'll save our pennies for that.

Where you live will determine what school your children go to (if you go state) so I would identify 4 or so primaries that you like the look of, and limit your house search to their immediate neighbourhoods. We actively limited ourselves to schools, and have a place right beside one of the schools we wanted - now we'll find out in the next few months if it worked!!

You'll get more traffic on the Primary Education board on Mumsnet than Islington btw, there are loads of threads:

TxPato Tue 06-Jun-17 18:48:08


Thank you so much for your insight. I really appreciate it. Such great information!

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