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Finding myself with no real friends and need social interaction

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Dogstan Wed 31-May-17 10:42:08

Hi I'm 25 live in Blackpool I have a family but we are not from the area been here over 10 years and still don't have any friends I find it very difficult to make any Blackpool is a difficult place anyway as nearly everybody isn't from here and leave 😐I work 30 hours a week but it's a job you work alone in so no colleagues would love to start socialising with people in the same situation just a cup of tea and a cake real adult conversation and not being stuck inside or taking the kids to clubs any other mums out there having the same problem?

blue2014 Wed 31-May-17 11:06:30

I'm not nearby but have you tried the MUSH app and also mummysocial?

Also try Meetup for non mum things?

Good luck x

Dogstan Wed 31-May-17 12:43:53

Thanks x

blue2014 Wed 31-May-17 15:31:00

Best wishes smileflowers

DawnCalls Wed 31-May-17 22:24:56

Hi Dogstan I'm not really local enough to you- I'm a bit north of Lancaster, and work between school pickups so hard to get down to Blackpool. For some encouragement I moved up here, to the lancaster area, 9 years ago and would say it's only now I have a few friends who are real friends rather than aquaintances. I met them through my children and good luck I guess, though I was starting to get to know people in my pre -dc days through are running club.
I'm about to turn 34 and never realised how hard it is to find friends as an adult.

I hope you do meet some like minded people. I'm trying hard to hang onto the fee friends I have now and it's easier said than done with multiple dcs, jobs and families to balance. Good luck!

user1490869964 Thu 08-Jun-17 14:13:38

Hi there, its not very often I look at these boards but today I have and saw your message. I am in Lytham. I sympathise totally - don't find people here very friendly - maybe because they are all too "posh" esp in Lytham!. I'm a naturally friendly, warm person (I think!) but people keep you at arms length. Its harder now my son is at high school, but no-one really talked much at primary even though I felt I made an effort! Would love to meet up - just one thing - I'm 51! (Makes no difference to me!)

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