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RosM50 Wed 24-May-17 10:38:00

Just to warn you and ask for any advice:

I asked FRANK O'CONNOR LANDSCAPING to provide a resin drive and supporting and I am now £000's out of pocket. He avoids paying VAT, refuses to provide a written quotation and uses inferior goods and tradesmen (whom he pays cash in hand) to complete work.

Advised me that Grade 1 hardcore was used - it was slurry and not a suitable material for this type of work
Advised that Topsoil was used - it was a sand/brick dust mix used for block paving work
Existing foul water drain ripped out and connected to surface water drain - this is illegal and the Water Board impose fines for doing this
Foul water pipe cut too short, leaks behind the aqua drain and when in full flow backs up the pipe into the garage, causing damp.
The back gate was of inferior quality. It is pressure treated wood, causing tanalith to be pushed out of the timber (green stain all over it). A quality door would have been made from joinery grade timber.
Rather than adjust the wooden door posts to fit the back gate correctly, he removed a 'chunk' out of the bottom corner of the door to make it fit !
He added a further £800 to the final quotation to provide a superior uPVC based resin to the gravel – no such product exists.
A min 4 inches of concrete needs to be added on top of the 'hardcore' layer - he has not dug deep enough
A minimum of 15 mm of resin bound coating need to be added on top of the concrete layer - the existing work does not allow for that.
I was asked to 'pay one of his workers £500 for previous work done' (cash in hand ?) and deduct this from my final bill. I refused to do this.
The step outside the conservatory is completely out of proportion and is level with the doorstep which means you still have a long drop down to the patio area

Only options that I know of is to report him to the Trading Standards, Water Board and HMRC. If anyone could advise me or if this helps to warn other people, that's a positive start.

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