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Anyone interested in mum and baby bouldering?

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ArialAnna Wed 24-May-17 09:03:22

Hi all,

Would anyone be interested in forming an informal mum & baby/toddler bouldering group at Arch climbing centre in Bermondsey? The idea being that we could take turns watching the babies and get some climbing in.

For anyone that doesn't know, bouldering is rock climbing without ropes and harnesses, and involves going up short climbs (of a few metres) with a safety mat underneath to protect you if you fall. I used to go regularly before I got pregnant and I'm keen to start going again. I'm not particularly good at it, but enjoy it and it's great for building up strength and toning your arms and core.

I've contacted the Arch climbing centre and they have an area the babies and toddlers could use (for obvious reasons they are not allowed right next to the climbing walls!) This area is currently free early afternoons on Monday (12pm-4pm) and Thursday (12pm-2pm). In terms of cost the usual price is £7.50 per session but depending on how many people are interested I might be able to negotiate a discount.

If you are interested in this, can you reply or PM me with your preferred day (Monday or Thursday) and email address so I can contact you when we have something firmed up. Please also let me know whether you have climbing experience or if you'll be trying it for the first time.


freesiastic Wed 24-May-17 09:48:15

Blimey that's impressive. I struggled to get to the buggy walks... !

Solasum Wed 24-May-17 21:18:03

Interesting! I am working FT so unless it was a weekend it wouldn't work for us though. What age do you think they can start climbing themselves?

ArialAnna Thu 25-May-17 08:32:08

Hi Solasum, unfortunately I think the centre is a bit too busy at weekends to make a mum and baby group work well. Shame as you're the first person to show an interest!

I've seen kids aged 7 or 8 on the wall. You do hear about people starting much earlier than that but I'm not sure how wise it is! Depends on the child though. I would say as soon as your kids can confidently climb some of the more complicated playground equipment (like those spider web thingys) then they are ready to try a climbing wall.

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