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Assessments for Watson's and Heriot's

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cherish123 Mon 22-May-17 22:35:25

I am considering getting my DC to sit tests for the above schools. Does anyone have any info about what the assessments entail and the level of difficulty. It would either be for entry in P7 or S1.

stenna Wed 24-May-17 11:27:38

It's usually maths, English (reading, writing and possibly spelling for P7) and non verbal reasoning. They didn't sound particularly taxing and if your DC are getting on ok at school - mine are probably towards the average to top end in their classes - there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Before they took them I reminded them to leave a question and go back to it, not to rush, check through their answers, make sure their writing was clear, etc. More exam prep than tutoring and this was over breakfast!

The children weren't bothered by the assessments at all and even DD who can be rather inconsistent in maths found it ok and they were offered places.

Noofly Thu 25-May-17 20:20:06

I agree with stenna with the caveat that it can partly depend on where you live. If you are Edinburgh and your children are doing well, you should be fine. However, we are in West Lothian and we found that despite being "right at the top of the class", both DC were actually well behind in what was being taught in the top sets in the Edinburgh schools.

With DS I'd done some practice testing and was so glad I had as there were quite a few maths topics that he hadn't touched in school yet. Following his experience, we knew the areas to prep DD and she had the same experience- actually found that the topics were taught in her school at the end of P6 (after sitting the exams around Dec time)!

DS did get into both Heriot's and Watsons for P7. He chose Watsons and DD followed him there three years later.

tribal Sat 27-May-17 22:59:46

When we did the tests there was much more competition for places at heriots (due to lower number of places) than at watsons, although that may have changed. As above it is maths, english & non verbal reasoning. Exam technique is the best prep that can be given. I wouldn't say it was difficult but it wasn't easy. Tests are usually in January.

Noofly Sun 28-May-17 07:15:15

Isn't it just the S1 tests in Jan? DC sat the P7 tests in 2012 and 2015 and both the GWC and GH tests were end Nov/start Dec. We had their acceptances (well, GH rejection for DD!) before Christmas.

KK32 Sun 04-Jun-17 20:44:31 to the thread... really appreciate advice on assessment S1 for George Heriot. We will move from London, and GH is closest independent school Want to check whether GH just test ordinary school contents or assessment is a special set paper like 11+ grammar school. Also is there another independent school in the same area we can apply to ? Many thanks.

Noofly Sun 04-Jun-17 22:28:56

Which area in Edinburgh are you moving to? Watson's is just past Morningside down Colinton Rd, for example, or Edinurgh Academy is in the New Town. If you let us know the area, we can give the next closest school for you.

KK32 Mon 05-Jun-17 07:56:01

Hi Noofly...thanks for this..will be at Sciennes. Had a quick check on map and seems George Watsons College is not far and Stewart's Melville at a stretch. Is that right? Presume all these schools have the same sort of entrance assessment test. Are they just testing what they have learnt in primary school..or a bit more than that like the special set test 11+ grammar school? Want to get it right so my boy has at least a chance of passing the test..Much appreciated.

Noofly Mon 05-Jun-17 08:47:16

Yeah, Watson's is definitely your next best bet, not just because of the distance but because for Melville's you'd be going right across town. I can't say definitively about the S1 tests. My two sat the Watson's ones them while in P7 at Watson's as they use them for the setting of existing pupils in S1. My son ended up in the top set for English and the second top set for Maths so I don't think they are too terribly difficult (I mean he's bright but not a genius!). I don't yet know how my DD placed as she moves up to the senior school this August.

As others have suggested, do practice on non verbal reasoning tests. For P7 entry, I did have both children practice with 11+ books to get the, used to exam technique, particularly for the non verbal reasoning.

KK32 Mon 05-Jun-17 09:39:07

Thank you so much Noofly. I guess the test would be on similar lines as 11+. I am already doing the non verbal reasoning. Fingers x for my boy. The three schools seems to be ones that I should aim for. Definitely will try our best. Really appreciate your help.

EdinburghPS Mon 05-Jun-17 15:19:54

My children are upper primary at Heriots and i got told by a teacher tat for first year they have around 50 applications every year for only 33 spaces.

tribal Tue 06-Jun-17 21:58:59

EdinburghPS there were a lot more than 50 kids doing the tests the year my dd sat them. I would estimate it closer to 70 or 80.

KK32 Wed 07-Jun-17 01:12:34

So much do the school pick the best assessment results for in take. Say top mark is a 100, they will pick the best 33 candidate by how high their marks are. My boy is for S1 2018, so aswell as outside applicants there will be own school P7 to fill S1.....not easy !!

KK32 Wed 07-Jun-17 02:37:44

Have a lot of info on George Heriot and GWC...anybody on Stewart Melville. Will start a new chat aswell...thanks.

EdinburghPS Wed 07-Jun-17 06:39:00

Sorry I meant around 250!!

Nospringflower Tue 13-Jun-17 22:30:50

I think its harder to get in to Heriots than Watsons because of the numbers of applicants to Heriots versus places.

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