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Looking to meet new people

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kittycat91 Sun 21-May-17 21:12:48

I have two children, my eldest is off to school in September, where has the time gone....its flown by. my youngest is still a baby.
I've been going through a rough patch atm, I'm looking to meet new people with children around the same age as my two. I'm in the street area.

LambethWalk Sun 25-Jun-17 21:09:54

Hi there

Sorry to hear that you are in a rough patch.

What about something like a buggy walk? There are a few scheduled in Street and Glastonbury in June and July here

I am sure you will meet new people when your eldest starts school.

AdoraBell Mon 17-Jul-17 21:04:11

I'm also sure you will meet more people when your eldest starts school.

There will be lots of other parents taking their DC in for the first school day so take advantage of that opportunity. Bright and breezy morning.

And the buggy walk sounds like a good idea for before the start of school.

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